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Storyism Studio is your source for branding creativity, copywriting intelligence, and competitive rates.

Established in Australia and now based in London UK, Storyism Studio is an international content marketing agency run by Evon Koprowski, a freelance brand strategist and business writer with over 20 years experience in social media, advertising, public relations, journalism, user experience design, website development, digital analytics, and marketing communications. 

Each client project has a unique structure that combines Storyism Studio's strategy with a global network of specialists including creatives, editors, marketers, graphic designers, video producers, photographers, animators, web designers, application developers, and others into virtual teams around the world. Whether using my network or your own in-house teams. 

You hire me because:


  • You are an advertising, PR, graphic or digital agency that needs immediate content expertise, or;

  • You are a marketing manager or brand director who needs an experienced creative for sharp and memorable strategic wording, or;

  • Your startup is going great, but you don't yet have the resources for a full-time marketing employee to help grow your business.


Storyism Studio's client base is global, working per project, day rate, or retainer. Via phone, face-to-face, group video conferencing, or email. If you need new blood in your projects I welcome the challenge - because when I work for you, I work hard. Right up until you don't need me anymore. 


Investing in Storyism Studio yields significant rewards. You'll not only benefit by gaining a better understanding of your brand story, but also improve your market positioning as an industry leader. All this at the same time that you communicate better than ever before. 


Yes, apparently you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Why Outsource?

Professional results without hiring a full-time employee:

  • Speed - immediate & fresh source of ideas, knowledge & experience for new campaigns

  • Creativity - develop new markets, position your brand, get new leads, win new sales

  • Experience - launching new initiatives, growing businesses

  • Flexibility - total project control or in-house team support

  • Controlled Costs - get specialist skills only when you need them



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